Scholarship Info

are you in need of financial assistance for the trainings offered by Ad Ed?

AD ED’s Scholarships cover the costs associated with the trainings (equipment, technology fees, instructor, etc.). Scholarships are available to students that are enrolled in one of the following trainings:






In order to be considered for a training scholarship, you must complete the following steps in order:
  1. Go to to enroll as an AD ED student. At that time, you will be given the dates of enrollment, as well as information about a scholarship packet and interview.

  2. You will need to complete a scholarship application and interview before the first day of enrollment. Scholarship packets can be picked up from the main office, emailed to you, or downloaded from below.

  3. During enrollment week, you will be taking TABE placement tests. Your results on these tests will help to determine if you are academically prepared for your training of interest. You will be contacted after all testing is completed, to state whether or not scores are eligible.

Current Student Application

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Future Student application

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