Medical Administrative Assistant

A medical administrative assistant (medical secretary) performs administrative functions in the healthcare industry. This eight-week course provides the foundational skills needed to become a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant.

In-class Trainings Available

Certification: National Healthcareers Association’s Certified Medical Administrative Assistant

Possible Job Titles: Medical Administrative Assistant; Medical Secretary

10 Year Projected Job Openings (2016-2026): 23.18% increase

Indiana Average Salary for entry position: $ 33,170

Medical administrative assistant FAQ's

Medical secretaries perform clerical duties in a doctor’s or other health professional’s office. Like others who work in health care support careers, their work is crucial to the functioning of any facility that provides patient care. They type correspondence and reports, maintain files, pay vendors, handle insurance forms, and bill patients. Medical secretaries interact with the public throughout the day, taking phone calls, scheduling appointments, and greeting patients.

They use a variety of office equipment, including computers, fax machines, scanners, and multi-line telephone systems, to do their jobs. Medical secretaries also apply their knowledge of medical terminology, health insurance rules, and medical billing procedures.

  • Handle phone calls and take messages

  • Schedule staff meetings, which may include reserving conference rooms and ordering food

  • Prepare and traffic invoices, reports, and memos

  • Schedule patient appointments and surgeries, and send appointment reminders and follow-ups via calls or emails

  • Handle mail and faxes

  • Process patient billing and medical insurance claims

  • Perform database and file system management

Learn more about the roles/duties of a Certified Medical Admin in this quick video.

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